Sunday, July 30, 2006

Found out why

stuff is always missing from my purse. C's little kitty likes to remove stuff from my purse to play with.

There is a gap between the two incliners of the love seat and stuff if always falling under it. Usually my car keys or she will steal my glasses and drop them down between the cushions.

We had lunch with grandpa after church. He was in a good mood and C was just being silly.

For some reason she loves to show her food to everyone around, hence the silly comment.

She is such an attractive young lady. *sigh* Must admit she is fun.

Last picture of the day, my big dog, BaiLea.

Have a wonderful Sunday and great week :o)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I went to a new SB store

It was a much anticipated trip. I had wanted to see this store for over a year. I was SO very disappointed. Don't know what I was expecting but certainly not what I saw. The store was broken up into tiny little rooms. Two people could not move around they had so many half empty displays. Mainly huge old units that took up too much room.

How on earth could they control inventory? I bet half their product walked out of the store without being paid for. Why do stores do this? It is not like this was an old house turned into a shop. It was an OLD shop. The building was built in the 40's or before.

Oh well. I won't be going back. Which is a good thing since it is out of way and hard to get to. I really wanted to like it.......

I went into M's also. I had the 40% off coupon Hobby Lobby sent me. I want the new card book but am too cheap to pay $20.00 for it. So I picked it up, LAST one in the store, went to the front to pay for it and guess what?!?!? They decided they would NOT accept my computer coupon. I asked the manager last time I was in the store if they would accept that coupon and they said they would. So I left the paper, book, and baby kit I was purchasing and walked out. I will spend my money at Hobby Lobby. Of course Hobby Lobby did not have book I wanted :-(

I also had a 40% off coupon for JoAnns. They did not have the book either. Maybe next trip to the City.

Course next trip is for CKC. I so want the new TT stamps. I have been saving. I truly wish I could fine a couple of hundred dollars to blow. But that is not going to happen. I need to use up the supplies I have been collecting the last couple of years. Therefore I am on a BUDGET!

I have devised a plan to make stuff with all my supplies and sell them. Christmas is just around the corner. I thought if I could make up some albums, I have several, I could make some extra cash. Problem is this small town is cheap when it comes to purchasing stuff. The only place I have to sell is at work. I do not want people to feel pressured and start avoiding me. I wish I had enough nerve to sell on e bay.

Jennifer W turned in her notice. Next Wednesday is her last day. She is going to work for the chamber in a town 40 miles from here. I will miss her smiling face. She helped me out after I had surgery last year and couldn't use my hand. Not many stepped up to the plate to help me out but JW did. I am making her a tag album and a neat purse out of an altoids tin. I am gonna miss her.

Sarah's baby shower was tonight. The cowboy boots I found for the baby were a big hit! I know they are from Colorado and not into the cowboy culture but that baby is being born in ranch/farm country. We have more cowboy/girls then skiers in Oklahoma :-) I hope she takes a picture of the baby in his diaper and cowboy boots. How cute will that be?

Tiffany is getting bigger and bigger. She and Jennifer are due in November. Jennifer had to be hospitalized last month for kidney stones. After her baby is born, 6 to 8 weeks after, she will have to go in to have to gall bladder removed. Doctors said she already passed the stone.

Looks like we could have some STORMs tonight. PLEASE come on rain! We need it so very badly. I watered the front lawn again. Some of the small towns down south of us are already conserving water. If it gets any closer I will stop watering. Having water for the animals is so much more important then my flowers :o( I hope it does not get that bad. Our farmers and ranchers are hurting. At least I live in town. Even if our water tastes so BAD my dog won't drink it. I have to buy bottled water for the dogs and cats to keep them hydrated cause our water reeks.

Time to start the laundry.............

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I love flea markets

but I absolutely hate garage sales! The closest flea market is over 60 miles away. So today I broke down and went to a few garage sales.

I found a treasure box. It was OLD. Smelled like an old book. Had the feel of an old leather book. A couple of places on the box looked like mold eaten by mold. Not in the best shape. So I bought it. It is red and I am NOT fond of red. It has "TREASURE BOX" impressed and old fashion scroll like impressions in a couple of the corners. I bought it for .50 cents. That's .49 cents too much :o)

I went out to the car this afternoon to bring in all my treasures from this morning. Since my hands were full I set some of the stuff in C's smoking chair on the patio. Unfortunately I left the box in the chair along with a couple of other things.

I let the dogs stay out longer today since it is only in the 80's and BaiLea loves to be outside when it is not sweltering hot. Magi will stay out if she is in the mood. They stayed out about 45 minutes before I went to bring them in.

Yep, one of the two of my lovely dogs decided mold smelled pretty good. So she took my brand new (to me) treasure box and tore it to pieces. The cutie pictured above is Magi. I am thinking she is the one that did it. However, it is my fault for leaving it laying around.

So now I am going to have to make a new treasure box.

One without the 'feel' of aged leather, the smell of old book, and the smudges of mold on mold. *sigh*

On a funny note our local (Tulsa) t.v. stations keep showing a man stealing a puppy from a pet store. The thief stuffs the puppy in his shorts! How gross are people? The puppy cost $1,600.00. Yes you read that correctly sixteen hundred dollars! Wonder if he now thinks that little bundle of white fur is worth prison time? I wonder how much dog and cat food could sixteen HUNDRED dollars buy.........people are just silly.

It has been a long day. For some reason I am sad today. Can't put my finger on it. Something in the back of my mind whirling around.

Have a good evening.........

Cold front arrived

and baby it is a cooler outside. High in the 80s today. Can ya hear us woo hoo -ing ?

This is an old picture of Jai. She is being *helpful* as usual.

I pressure washed the front of the house. I wish the birds would find a different place to poo. C mowed the lawn. Our yard is so pretty when it is well groomed.

Gave Magi a bath. Now she smells fresh and clean instead of fritos.

Wish we were getting the rain Missouri is receiving. Rain without the problems that is :-).

I am going to have to take a nap..........

have a good day.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wanna watch TV?

This is my daughters kitty. This is the first time I ever caught her on top of the television. She stayed there all afternoon so I had to take her picture.

Hot today. I made out to the garden.......almost. Since we had rain twice this week I really did not need to water. However, the high winds blew down a BUNCH of limbs so they are just everywhere in the back. It is supposed to be 100 tomorrow so it will probably be next week before any of the limbs get picked up.

Time for sleep.

Have a wonderful nite.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

We received our instructions today

we are to wear Red, White, and Blue on Monday. Bob will call us as they approach the bank. We are to line up on the sidewalk facing Main with a flag that will be provided.

He was younger than my daughter. He was a husband, brother,son........

The majority of the town will be on Main with a flag. Businesses will close. The flags are already at half. The service will be HUGE. He is our towns' first fallen from this war.

No matter how hard I try every time I read about him or see his picture I think of Billy. Billy was so young. SO hansom, funny, sweet and loving and so very loved. He's the one that gave me my nick name all those years ago. He was a brother and a son. He never got the chance to be a husband.

I have often thought over the years what his kids would have been like had he had the chance to grow up. Billy had beautiful skin that tanned so easily. He loved the farm. He love animals. He loved his family.

He should have never had to go to war. He should have NEVER came home in a box. None of our men (boys) or women (girls) should. I know they go willingly and are very proud to serve. It is just so damn hard when they come home in a body bag!

Not sure if I can make it through the service Monday. The memories of all those years ago, the lose of Billy, haunt me. And yes I know it is NOT about me. I just don't want to cry like a fool. I can guarantee you I will.

He was so young.............

Friday, July 07, 2006

Do you know were I can get this stamp?

I would love to find the crown on this it a stamp?

I can't give artist credit as I do not have it.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Went to Tulsa yesterday. My boss has a birthday this week so I had to find him a gift. I stopped at a couple of sb stores.

I wanted Basic Grey Oh Baby Girl elephant paper. Either the stores did not order the line in or the ones that did are sold out of the elephants (and most of the other papers in the line).

The sb store in Claremore doesn't carry this release. The sb store on 81 street is sold out so off to the store on 71. I really am not a fan of this store. Everything is sooo spread out even the workers do not know where stuff is located. However I was soooo very happy I stopped in.

Not only did I get my ELEPHANTs I also found some bargains. Everything in the store was 10% off and their clearance stuff was either .25 cents, .50 cents or a dollar!

For one buck I got some awesome stamps. A kitty on a snow board was my favorite. I also bought a couple of Flair designs "Album in a Flash" baby boy design for the expantant moms at the bank. These had been 7.99 each! Also bought a couple of .25 cent packs that contained some miscellaneous tags and stickers to use on cards. I just LOVE a bargain!

OH and I looked over a ladies shoulder ( don't ya just hate people that do this) as she was looking thru Stacy and friends card book. OH MY GOODNESS! I did not really get to look at it really well but WOW! Of course she bought it ........ the LAST one in the store.

The best by of the day was an 8 inch chipboard letter. I designed the album as I drove home. The plan is to clean off my sb table this morning and 'getter done'. Now let us see if I carry thru!

Did you know hidi swapp has clear stamps??? I didn't. While at the sb store in Claremore I found them and of course had to purchase some. The sb store on 81 had AWESOME Technique Tuesday stamps. I decided to waite until next month when the CKC is in Tulsa to purchase them since I have a coupon for a *free* set of stamps when I purchase five.........gotta love free. I also need a "set" of blocks for the clear stamps. Any recommendations?

I stopped at Quick Trip for a drink while shopping. I just heard on the news that store was robbed last night. At least the robber did not hurt anyone in the store. Hope the cops catch this guy as this is the second store the robber has hit.

It is gonna rain! Should be here tonight so it is gonna make some kids very unhappy. However we NEED the rain and maybe a good soak will cut down on the fires. I can certainly tell I am getting old since I am more concerned with the crops getting moisture more then the kids getting their kicks.

SAD news is developing here in our town. Broke my heart when I heard it on Fox news this morning. We won't get a paper today but I am sure it will be on the front page tomorrow. So very sad for the family. Our town will rally around them and support them..........but it will not make up for the loss.........

Have a blessed 4th and watch those fingers!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Oh my aching back!

Probably won't get to garden to morrow......MY BACK HURTS!

I will never figure out way an old fat woman thinks she can move half the back yard in a day. I guess it is because

The earth calls me

I can hear it soon as I wake in the song of the birds
when I look at green grass or the deep brown of the soil
EVERY time I see a picture of flower

I absolutely love the feel of dirt in my hands. The smell of dirt......... I was so sad last year when I was unable to even pull a weed. Even tho my allergies are worse when I go out side........ gardening just makes my soul smile.

My hands hurt so badly tonight. I missed putting the bug spray (deet) on one of my elbows. Very bad! I have about twenty bug bites all around my elbow and WAY too many bites on my fingers. That'll teach me to be more careful.

I used up two more bags of mulch and a piece of a bag of potting soil. I transplanted a few plants to a safer area and finished weeding and mulching the garden by the walk. It looks sooooo pretty. Now when I head out to work I will be greeted with my pretty hostas instead of weeds.

That darn little squirrel that loves to pester the dogs is digging in the pine needle mulch! I could not figure out what was tearing up what I had just finished raking level. Came outside and there he was THROWING mulch over the fence! Too bad I can't paddle his fannie :o)

NO work for me tomorrow. I am on vacation!!!!! I am going to ask Magi if she will let me sleep late in the morning. We will see............

Have a blessed week.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

15 minutes at a time

I went outside around 4:00 and three hours later the garden looked MUCH better. I did not take pictures before I started pulling the weeds. The second picture is how this corner looked after I had pulled all the weeds.

I have watered this garden for about an hour for the last two days. After pulling most of the weeds I watered again today. On this bare spot I put down some newspaper, watered it in then added a layer of mulch. I think it came out looking pretty good.

I plan on just getting the weeds under control. This year is all about *recovery* not replacing all that has been lost. (keeping my fingers crossed I can stick to the plan) Next year I will purchase new plants to put in this bare corner. Right now the bird bath and other stuff I have in the garage will have to "fill" in.

What do you think? Looks MUCH better don't ya think? You can still see all the tall weeds thru the trees! My project for tomorrow............pulling weeds! Wanna come over and help :o)

It is a recovery situation

Last year I had to watch my beautiful garden go back to the wild. The BIG dog sat on one part of my hosta garden and ended up killing everything in that whole corner. This past winter was so dry that I lost all of my big hostas and all of my ferns.

All I have is weeds :o( . I worked for HOURS each year getting the front of the garage looking nice. We had 13 trees in the back .........perfect for a shade garden and now look at it. You can barley see my ornamental grass among all the weeds.

The sticky weeds are almost as tall as I am! I told my daughter I was going to have to purchase some sharp nippers to cut them down. Guess what she brought home the night before last?! Yep a brand spankin new pair of pruning nippers!

The man that cut down the plum tree by my daughters room last month (someone planted it tooooo close to the house) told me the pretty vines growing up our persimmon trees were going to end up killing them. We have TWELVE of these trees in the back yard and the vines were growing on half of them.

So with new nippers in hand I was going to clip a few vines for about 15 minutes. I figure if I can work on the vines a little day I could be rid of them by the end of next week. Course I could not stop at 15 minutes. I cut all the small vines down but there is a huge vine on each tree that is as thick as my arm. I am gonna need a hatchet to get those cut. We also have all kinds of little trees growing all over the back especially in the fence line. So I walked around cutting them down. Now there is dead stuff laying all over the lawn.

By the end of next week things should start looking much better.

I made a "B"

I took my mid-term this morning. I refused to "second" guess my answers so I did NOT reread the answers I marked. How DUMB was that? Two of the questions I missed I just flat out mis-marked the if I had re read my answers I just *might* have caught that I had mis-marked the stupid answer AND I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN AN *A*. I soooooo hate making grades lower than I should. **sigh** lesson learned.

I am on vacation! I have a list two miles long that I want to complete. So what am I doing? I am sitting here watching a movie made in 1995. Half the actors in this movie were on the West Wing. It is too hat out side to work so here I sit watching old movies.

Gotta love the lazy! :o)