Thursday, July 13, 2006

We received our instructions today

we are to wear Red, White, and Blue on Monday. Bob will call us as they approach the bank. We are to line up on the sidewalk facing Main with a flag that will be provided.

He was younger than my daughter. He was a husband, brother,son........

The majority of the town will be on Main with a flag. Businesses will close. The flags are already at half. The service will be HUGE. He is our towns' first fallen from this war.

No matter how hard I try every time I read about him or see his picture I think of Billy. Billy was so young. SO hansom, funny, sweet and loving and so very loved. He's the one that gave me my nick name all those years ago. He was a brother and a son. He never got the chance to be a husband.

I have often thought over the years what his kids would have been like had he had the chance to grow up. Billy had beautiful skin that tanned so easily. He loved the farm. He love animals. He loved his family.

He should have never had to go to war. He should have NEVER came home in a box. None of our men (boys) or women (girls) should. I know they go willingly and are very proud to serve. It is just so damn hard when they come home in a body bag!

Not sure if I can make it through the service Monday. The memories of all those years ago, the lose of Billy, haunt me. And yes I know it is NOT about me. I just don't want to cry like a fool. I can guarantee you I will.

He was so young.............


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