Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Went to Tulsa yesterday. My boss has a birthday this week so I had to find him a gift. I stopped at a couple of sb stores.

I wanted Basic Grey Oh Baby Girl elephant paper. Either the stores did not order the line in or the ones that did are sold out of the elephants (and most of the other papers in the line).

The sb store in Claremore doesn't carry this release. The sb store on 81 street is sold out so off to the store on 71. I really am not a fan of this store. Everything is sooo spread out even the workers do not know where stuff is located. However I was soooo very happy I stopped in.

Not only did I get my ELEPHANTs I also found some bargains. Everything in the store was 10% off and their clearance stuff was either .25 cents, .50 cents or a dollar!

For one buck I got some awesome stamps. A kitty on a snow board was my favorite. I also bought a couple of Flair designs "Album in a Flash" baby boy design for the expantant moms at the bank. These had been 7.99 each! Also bought a couple of .25 cent packs that contained some miscellaneous tags and stickers to use on cards. I just LOVE a bargain!

OH and I looked over a ladies shoulder ( don't ya just hate people that do this) as she was looking thru Stacy and friends card book. OH MY GOODNESS! I did not really get to look at it really well but WOW! Of course she bought it ........ the LAST one in the store.

The best by of the day was an 8 inch chipboard letter. I designed the album as I drove home. The plan is to clean off my sb table this morning and 'getter done'. Now let us see if I carry thru!

Did you know hidi swapp has clear stamps??? I didn't. While at the sb store in Claremore I found them and of course had to purchase some. The sb store on 81 had AWESOME Technique Tuesday stamps. I decided to waite until next month when the CKC is in Tulsa to purchase them since I have a coupon for a *free* set of stamps when I purchase five.........gotta love free. I also need a "set" of blocks for the clear stamps. Any recommendations?

I stopped at Quick Trip for a drink while shopping. I just heard on the news that store was robbed last night. At least the robber did not hurt anyone in the store. Hope the cops catch this guy as this is the second store the robber has hit.

It is gonna rain! Should be here tonight so it is gonna make some kids very unhappy. However we NEED the rain and maybe a good soak will cut down on the fires. I can certainly tell I am getting old since I am more concerned with the crops getting moisture more then the kids getting their kicks.

SAD news is developing here in our town. Broke my heart when I heard it on Fox news this morning. We won't get a paper today but I am sure it will be on the front page tomorrow. So very sad for the family. Our town will rally around them and support them..........but it will not make up for the loss.........

Have a blessed 4th and watch those fingers!


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