Saturday, July 01, 2006

I made a "B"

I took my mid-term this morning. I refused to "second" guess my answers so I did NOT reread the answers I marked. How DUMB was that? Two of the questions I missed I just flat out mis-marked the if I had re read my answers I just *might* have caught that I had mis-marked the stupid answer AND I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN AN *A*. I soooooo hate making grades lower than I should. **sigh** lesson learned.

I am on vacation! I have a list two miles long that I want to complete. So what am I doing? I am sitting here watching a movie made in 1995. Half the actors in this movie were on the West Wing. It is too hat out side to work so here I sit watching old movies.

Gotta love the lazy! :o)


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