Saturday, July 01, 2006

It is a recovery situation

Last year I had to watch my beautiful garden go back to the wild. The BIG dog sat on one part of my hosta garden and ended up killing everything in that whole corner. This past winter was so dry that I lost all of my big hostas and all of my ferns.

All I have is weeds :o( . I worked for HOURS each year getting the front of the garage looking nice. We had 13 trees in the back .........perfect for a shade garden and now look at it. You can barley see my ornamental grass among all the weeds.

The sticky weeds are almost as tall as I am! I told my daughter I was going to have to purchase some sharp nippers to cut them down. Guess what she brought home the night before last?! Yep a brand spankin new pair of pruning nippers!

The man that cut down the plum tree by my daughters room last month (someone planted it tooooo close to the house) told me the pretty vines growing up our persimmon trees were going to end up killing them. We have TWELVE of these trees in the back yard and the vines were growing on half of them.

So with new nippers in hand I was going to clip a few vines for about 15 minutes. I figure if I can work on the vines a little day I could be rid of them by the end of next week. Course I could not stop at 15 minutes. I cut all the small vines down but there is a huge vine on each tree that is as thick as my arm. I am gonna need a hatchet to get those cut. We also have all kinds of little trees growing all over the back especially in the fence line. So I walked around cutting them down. Now there is dead stuff laying all over the lawn.

By the end of next week things should start looking much better.


At 6:22 AM, Blogger Robyn said...

Sounds like you got so much accomplished! Good luck with the vines, sounds like a pain. We have a hosta nursery in our area that ships nationally. Some of his hosta are so absolutely incredible...the leaves look like something in the jungle!


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