Saturday, July 01, 2006

15 minutes at a time

I went outside around 4:00 and three hours later the garden looked MUCH better. I did not take pictures before I started pulling the weeds. The second picture is how this corner looked after I had pulled all the weeds.

I have watered this garden for about an hour for the last two days. After pulling most of the weeds I watered again today. On this bare spot I put down some newspaper, watered it in then added a layer of mulch. I think it came out looking pretty good.

I plan on just getting the weeds under control. This year is all about *recovery* not replacing all that has been lost. (keeping my fingers crossed I can stick to the plan) Next year I will purchase new plants to put in this bare corner. Right now the bird bath and other stuff I have in the garage will have to "fill" in.

What do you think? Looks MUCH better don't ya think? You can still see all the tall weeds thru the trees! My project for tomorrow............pulling weeds! Wanna come over and help :o)


At 7:19 PM, Blogger Cindy Lee said...

very, very nice! it looks great! I know you feel good about getting it all cleaned up! have a great 4th!


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