Monday, June 26, 2006


I went to the hospital at 3:15 today. They came in with needles and "stuff". They numbed up my thigh. The doctor cut a 'HUGE' chunk of my thigh and then stitched it up. The 'chunk' is on its way for a biopsy. I return in two weeks to have the stitches removed. ick! I absolutely hate needles and scalpels. I am such a big baby.

On a bright note my daughter is in charge of supper. I have to keep my leg elevated this eve and stay off it since it went into the muscle. So I get to sit here and play on the 'puter and get waited on .... Once she gets home that is.

My mid term is Friday. I am re doing the quizzes to see how much information I am retaining in my ol'brain. Chapter two was soooo packed with information I did not think I could retain it all. I made a 90 on the quiz! woo hoo! I am pumped. Bad thing about classes that only have two test is you HAVE to do really well on both in order to get an A in the class.

Received an e mail from an on line friend today before I left work. That made me smile and helped me be less nervous.

Drinking my Sonic Route 44 Lemon Berry slush. LOVE to drink lemon berry sluch on HOT days. Not really hot today but them people used needles on me. I deserve this slush. I will get back on track tomorrow.

Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Well it is over.......

I went into work at ten and off at six. This was my last day. My week ends are once again my own. What will I do with myself?!?!?! ;o)

Was an alright day. I need to get some laundry done this evening and of course run the vacuum.

On a hi note I think BaiLea has finally finished shedding her under coat. How on earth can one dog have so darn much hair?

Off to find something good for supper.

Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Movie Night

We went to the movie tonight. "The Break UP" was such a snozzer! There were a couple of funnies but over all one big LONG yawn.

Went to see Grandpa after the movie. He is so hurt that none of the kids showed up for fathers day. C got up early Sunday, went to church and then took GP out for lunch where ever he wanted to go. But he is still hurt none of the kids showed up. Out of nine children one would think ONE could make it. I guess this is one of the times you must count your blessings.

I have had a headache all day. I am gonna go off to bed.

Have a wonderful tomorrow.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Been thinkin' of you lately

I don't know why you are on my mind. Maybe because yesterday was your birthday. Another birthday that you are not here with me. Another year checked off since you left.

As I was driving home tonight I came to the intersection where I had my first wreak. I stopped at the stop sign all those years ago. Mom was in the front passenger seat so I was driving so very carefully. I looked right did not see anything and then looked left. All I saw was YOU. You were walking across the street coming to my house for lunch. I was so excited to see you I forgot to look where I was going. I swear I never saw that other car.......I only had eyes for you. Yep, you caused my first wreak and you never let me forget it.

I see you all over town. When I talk to your dad I see your eyes. When he does that dorky laugh I hear your voice and your just kills me to see him, watch him laugh and interact with his family. He looks like an older version of you. I so wish I could see you in person just one more time. Guess I will just have to be happy with seeing you in my dreams.

I do not feel well today. That must be one of the reasons I am so weepy. Why do I always feel poorly on Mondays?

I know a secret about someone at work. I want to help this person but I would have to admit I know something they are trying VERY hard to keep a secret. My heart just breaks for them. I guess all I can do is send a little prayer up for them daily. I pray they find the peace they are seeking and I will keep my mouth shut and keep their secret.

I finished reading my chapter and sending in my homework. There will be a test in a couple of weeks. I am gonna have to start studying more to get ready for it.

Have a wonderful evening I wanna go dream.................

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Country Fever was awesome!

I saw Joe Nichols and Brooks and Dunn perform. They sound so good in person. Both (or all three) put on an awesome show.

I also got the pleasure of meeting the EMT guys. As soon as I got in the golf cart something stung me. I did not see what it was but saw a flash of brown fly off.

I am allergic to everything it seems including bees and wasps. Since I did not take my purse with me to the concert I did not have my Eppie pen. The EMT guy did not have any on his "bus" and Life Flight was on a run. The sweet EMT guy made sure Life Flight brought some back. I told them I would be OK and if things changed we would call them. They were just so very nice and seemed very concerned for me. He must have checked my arm ten times before I left and he wanted to know where I would be so he would know when the call came in.

It was HOT when I arrived. The car showed it was 100. That does not include the heat index. I was once again assigned to the VIP tent so it was a lot cooler since there were several HUGE box fans running.

I left before Brooks and Dunn were finished as I did not want to get stuck in the traffic and I was tired.

I took the tips we made at the soda booth and turned them into the Craig County Cancer. For some reason the beer booth received about three times the tips we did. Wonder why? lol

Meetings first thing in the morning so I must call it a night.

Hope you all have a wonderful tomorrow!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Restless Heart Rawks!!

Country Fever is going on again. I heard/saw Restless Heart, Blackhawk, Little Texas, and TRAVIS TRITT last night.

Oh my gosh was it HOT out there. My arm started swelling and I actually saw black spots a couple of times. I swear my head was spinning. The head volunteer took me into the VIP tent. I spent the next thirty minutes sitting in front of the HUGE box fan drinking water. I honestly do not know how people sat out in that sun all day long listening to music. I was absolutely melting.

Course once the sun went down it was NICE. Two big screens on each side of the stage so no matter where you were seated you could still see the action. There was plenty of security, highly visible and invisible, keeping an eye on everything and everyone. The sound system is awesome. All in all I can highly recommend people heading out there for a full day/night or even week end of entertainment.

Tonight I get to see Brooks and Dunn (see for alist of artist and information.) Tonight is gonna be HOT!!

As a volunteer we were issued shirts. We have to wear the same one tonight. That poor ol'stinkin shirt was so nasty by the time I got home last evening. So I am doing laundry this morning and the usual Saturday morning FUN stuff like cleaning house :o)

Have a great day.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I feel good! :o)

Finally after a not to great 30 hours I think I am on the mend.

Best of all I did an ad inspiration today of my handsome great-nephew. Isn't he a doll? I still need to learn how to take a decent picture of a layout. Suggestions welcome.

I woke up early this morning still feeling poorly but decided to go in since my boss is having surgery tomorrow and will be out of the office for a while if he follows the doctors orders. Fixed breakfast for my fur babies then when I started to fill their water dish I discovered we did not have any water. I took that as divine intervention so I went back to bed instead of exposing everyone at work to my virus. :o)

Need to put my supplies up and get ready for bed.

Ya all have a wonderful tomorrow.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Do you know your picture is in the paper???

Living in a small town can be sooooo fun. My mom just called to ask if I knew my pic was in the paper! She is the fourth person to tell me.

I am the secretary for Craig County Outreach Cancer Association (whew what a mouth full). Wal Mart did not think we qualified for any support but I filled out the paper work any way. When Joyce from Wal Mart called to tell me she had TWO checks for me, one from the WM foundation and one for matching funds for a grand total of $1,300.00, yep thirteen HUNDRED dollars, the whole second floor heard my WhooP!

That money will pay for a full year of travel for cancer treatment for one person with $100.00 left over for a second person. Well not totally pay for their travel cause man their travel expenses are outrages. When you travel over 120 miles a day almost EVERY DAY for chemo or radiation it gets outrageously expensive fast. The CCOCA reimburses $300.00 in travel expenses per quarter. I so wish we could do more but we have so many in treatment and get new applicants each week. That call from Joyce just made me sooooooooo happy. Anyway that is why my picture is in the paper......Accepting the checks with a few other board members.

The biggest news in T Town is still Oprah and Gail King at the mall shopping. Then they crashed two wedding receptions. They were filming for a September show.

Worst part of the day is I came home from work early sick. Peyton and his family are in town for supper and I am here drinking tomato soup. Since Jennifer is pregnant and they are here on vacation I did not want to take a chance this is a virus instead of allergies making me sick. I need sympathy. I have not seen the Missouri gang for almost a year! And then I go and get sick. :0(

Oh well tomorrow will be much better :o)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Oprah in Tulsa???

Can you believe it!?! and she crashed two wedding receptions to boot. At least she gave them a gift.......of course the good news folks at channel 6 won't tell us what it is until tomorrow night.

Best news I received all week came today from my "favorite" nephew Greg that he and his beautiful family are coming down from Missouri for a vacation tomorrow. I get to see my great nephew.....first time this year.

I have come to the sad conclusion that I have to quit my job. I will turn in my resignation Monday. I do not like back stabbing and under handedness. Today was the last straw. I need the extra cash and it is mostly an easy job but I will not put up with the what I had to deal with today. So I am a little sad. I wish it had not come to this. Unfortunately there are a couple of people that will be happy to hear it. Some people are just icky.

I am trying to stay awake until C gets home. I am so very tired. After all it IS after ten! Now that is SAD!

Have a blessed evening all.