Saturday, February 18, 2006

Baby it's COLD outside!

Feels like -6. Gonna get up to a whopping 19 degrees today if we are lucky. I had to grab the camera and get pictures of one of my flamingos in the snow. I am sure he does not appreciate it :o)............the snow that is not the fact I took his picture.

The dog was mad I left her inside while I went out to get pictures of the snow. The window frosted up in the short time I was out there. If you look really hard you can see her in the first shot.

Cassie is still sick. She was in bed all day except to take her pills and eat a small bowl of chicken noodle soup. She was not able to go to work again. If she is not better Monday I am going to load her in the car and take out to the doctors. This cold has hung on too long. She coughed all night last night. I got her some strong medicine today. I hope we both can get some sleep tonight.

Good night all!