Thursday, July 27, 2006

I went to a new SB store

It was a much anticipated trip. I had wanted to see this store for over a year. I was SO very disappointed. Don't know what I was expecting but certainly not what I saw. The store was broken up into tiny little rooms. Two people could not move around they had so many half empty displays. Mainly huge old units that took up too much room.

How on earth could they control inventory? I bet half their product walked out of the store without being paid for. Why do stores do this? It is not like this was an old house turned into a shop. It was an OLD shop. The building was built in the 40's or before.

Oh well. I won't be going back. Which is a good thing since it is out of way and hard to get to. I really wanted to like it.......

I went into M's also. I had the 40% off coupon Hobby Lobby sent me. I want the new card book but am too cheap to pay $20.00 for it. So I picked it up, LAST one in the store, went to the front to pay for it and guess what?!?!? They decided they would NOT accept my computer coupon. I asked the manager last time I was in the store if they would accept that coupon and they said they would. So I left the paper, book, and baby kit I was purchasing and walked out. I will spend my money at Hobby Lobby. Of course Hobby Lobby did not have book I wanted :-(

I also had a 40% off coupon for JoAnns. They did not have the book either. Maybe next trip to the City.

Course next trip is for CKC. I so want the new TT stamps. I have been saving. I truly wish I could fine a couple of hundred dollars to blow. But that is not going to happen. I need to use up the supplies I have been collecting the last couple of years. Therefore I am on a BUDGET!

I have devised a plan to make stuff with all my supplies and sell them. Christmas is just around the corner. I thought if I could make up some albums, I have several, I could make some extra cash. Problem is this small town is cheap when it comes to purchasing stuff. The only place I have to sell is at work. I do not want people to feel pressured and start avoiding me. I wish I had enough nerve to sell on e bay.

Jennifer W turned in her notice. Next Wednesday is her last day. She is going to work for the chamber in a town 40 miles from here. I will miss her smiling face. She helped me out after I had surgery last year and couldn't use my hand. Not many stepped up to the plate to help me out but JW did. I am making her a tag album and a neat purse out of an altoids tin. I am gonna miss her.

Sarah's baby shower was tonight. The cowboy boots I found for the baby were a big hit! I know they are from Colorado and not into the cowboy culture but that baby is being born in ranch/farm country. We have more cowboy/girls then skiers in Oklahoma :-) I hope she takes a picture of the baby in his diaper and cowboy boots. How cute will that be?

Tiffany is getting bigger and bigger. She and Jennifer are due in November. Jennifer had to be hospitalized last month for kidney stones. After her baby is born, 6 to 8 weeks after, she will have to go in to have to gall bladder removed. Doctors said she already passed the stone.

Looks like we could have some STORMs tonight. PLEASE come on rain! We need it so very badly. I watered the front lawn again. Some of the small towns down south of us are already conserving water. If it gets any closer I will stop watering. Having water for the animals is so much more important then my flowers :o( I hope it does not get that bad. Our farmers and ranchers are hurting. At least I live in town. Even if our water tastes so BAD my dog won't drink it. I have to buy bottled water for the dogs and cats to keep them hydrated cause our water reeks.

Time to start the laundry.............


At 6:24 AM, Blogger Crystal said...

Oh man! I always hate it when I get my hopes up about a new store, and then it's a big let down. We have to drive about an hour to get to any SB stores, and that's a lot of gas for a let down!


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