Sunday, July 02, 2006

Oh my aching back!

Probably won't get to garden to morrow......MY BACK HURTS!

I will never figure out way an old fat woman thinks she can move half the back yard in a day. I guess it is because

The earth calls me

I can hear it soon as I wake in the song of the birds
when I look at green grass or the deep brown of the soil
EVERY time I see a picture of flower

I absolutely love the feel of dirt in my hands. The smell of dirt......... I was so sad last year when I was unable to even pull a weed. Even tho my allergies are worse when I go out side........ gardening just makes my soul smile.

My hands hurt so badly tonight. I missed putting the bug spray (deet) on one of my elbows. Very bad! I have about twenty bug bites all around my elbow and WAY too many bites on my fingers. That'll teach me to be more careful.

I used up two more bags of mulch and a piece of a bag of potting soil. I transplanted a few plants to a safer area and finished weeding and mulching the garden by the walk. It looks sooooo pretty. Now when I head out to work I will be greeted with my pretty hostas instead of weeds.

That darn little squirrel that loves to pester the dogs is digging in the pine needle mulch! I could not figure out what was tearing up what I had just finished raking level. Came outside and there he was THROWING mulch over the fence! Too bad I can't paddle his fannie :o)

NO work for me tomorrow. I am on vacation!!!!! I am going to ask Magi if she will let me sleep late in the morning. We will see............

Have a blessed week.


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