Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oh to SING!

I would absolutely love to SING well.............really WELL. If I could choose a talent that would be my talent of chose.

unfortunately I do not get to choose. I am of the feeling sometimes that I was not given the blessing of any talent.

I crochet some. I sew some. I play with paper some. I even stamp some. Not really good at any of it. *sigh*

I love looking at magazines. I love seeing other peoples talent. I absolutely love to listen to a fabulous singer.

Oh to SING! I would love to be able to stand at the front of my church and sing well. This is REALLY bad but I am actually kinda glad the folks on the pew in front of me at church is VeRy hard of hearing. It truly is a blessing for them and they don't even know it ;o)

I have another sinus infection. The ENT told me yesterday " you have a smoldering infection that is deeply seeded on both sides." How totally gross is that? Could he not have given me a nicer verbal picture? SMOLDERING?? That just sounds so unattractive. ON BOTH sides? Why? Of course this MUST be the reason I can't sing my way out of a paper bag. lol

Must admit the infection is making me feel sick to my tummy, cranky, and a bit of a witchey person. If I hurt anyone's feelings today I am sorry. I try not to advertise I am sick. Guess it might have been good information before I snapped someone's head off. But look on the bright side. They did NOT have to hear me


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

CKC Tulsa

Was a blast. Here is a picture of one of my finished projects. Well not actually finished. We have a limited amount of time and product in a class so the back of the accordion album and the inside of the box are not completed.

The Melissa Frances papers are so soft and yummy. However, I do not know ONE PERSON that is soft. All my friends are BRIGHT AND BOLD. A couple of them are down right SPICY.

(MSC said she LOVED this box and little album! Her birthday is 9-1. So I plan on finishing it up and surprising her with it on her brithday. She is a soft and sweet person. 'bout the only one I know :o) )

Monday, August 07, 2006

My postcard arrived today!!

Oh it is such a beauty! And guess where it is from.......Oh I was just soo very thrilled ..........Marseille, FRANCE!!

I sooo want to go to France! When I do I must see Marseille. Isn't this just beautiful.

I also collect cancelled postage. The stamp on the back of my post card will be so carefully removed, matted, and placed on a page with my gorges post card.

Plume THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. I could not have wished for a better card!

Saturday, August 05, 2006


This lo did not come out the way I had planned. It is a lo of my daughters cat Tiger Lily aka Tiggie.

I love the blue of this Artic Frog paper. It matches all the blues in my den ;o) I had fun using my stamps.

what do you think?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Postcard from Around the world

actually from Oklahoma. I almost forgot to post the picture of the card. Sorry it was not posted earlier. I will run uptown to get this in the mail.

Have a good evening!

~C~ is for cat

Made this for Lindas birthday. She will put a picture of her cat in the circle.

Sweet Amanda Jane gave me a stack of chip board today. I was soooo happy she shared with me. Now to use it up :o)

Oklahoma is full of hot air again today. It was 102!! It is gonna get hotter before it gets cooler. Thank goodness we have air conditioning. I just might faint when I get my electric bill.

Weather guy said we are in an EXTREME drought and a HEAT WARNING. I water the shade garden with a soaker hose as so not to waste. This also helps some of the thirteen trees in our back yard. I need to figure out how to water the two in the front without running the hose across the side walk.

I did the above project for the "lo a day" on 2peas. I will make a tag album for Jennifer to post tomorrow as that is her last day at work. I certainly hope I can post one item most every day in August.

Have a great evening must get to scrappin'!