Monday, September 04, 2006


I finally finished Amandas album. This sinus infection interferes with my creative side it seems.

I was only going to use one sheet of Basic Grey......just the front sheet. Well then I actually ended up doing almost every page with a BG print. Since Amanda loves color the BG just seemed to fit.

Now I have two birthday gifts to get finished, well one to finish and one to start. since I am giving MSC the soft MF box I started at CKC-Tulsa I need to find some soft papers in my stash. Not sure what the rest of it will end up looking like.

Pat has a birthday this week also. I need to make something for her. Probably won't be something big since I have such a limited amount of time. I will just have to go where the project leads.

So here are more pictures of the album I made for Amanda. Think she is gonna like it?


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