Saturday, June 03, 2006

Oprah in Tulsa???

Can you believe it!?! and she crashed two wedding receptions to boot. At least she gave them a gift.......of course the good news folks at channel 6 won't tell us what it is until tomorrow night.

Best news I received all week came today from my "favorite" nephew Greg that he and his beautiful family are coming down from Missouri for a vacation tomorrow. I get to see my great nephew.....first time this year.

I have come to the sad conclusion that I have to quit my job. I will turn in my resignation Monday. I do not like back stabbing and under handedness. Today was the last straw. I need the extra cash and it is mostly an easy job but I will not put up with the what I had to deal with today. So I am a little sad. I wish it had not come to this. Unfortunately there are a couple of people that will be happy to hear it. Some people are just icky.

I am trying to stay awake until C gets home. I am so very tired. After all it IS after ten! Now that is SAD!

Have a blessed evening all.


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