Monday, June 26, 2006


I went to the hospital at 3:15 today. They came in with needles and "stuff". They numbed up my thigh. The doctor cut a 'HUGE' chunk of my thigh and then stitched it up. The 'chunk' is on its way for a biopsy. I return in two weeks to have the stitches removed. ick! I absolutely hate needles and scalpels. I am such a big baby.

On a bright note my daughter is in charge of supper. I have to keep my leg elevated this eve and stay off it since it went into the muscle. So I get to sit here and play on the 'puter and get waited on .... Once she gets home that is.

My mid term is Friday. I am re doing the quizzes to see how much information I am retaining in my ol'brain. Chapter two was soooo packed with information I did not think I could retain it all. I made a 90 on the quiz! woo hoo! I am pumped. Bad thing about classes that only have two test is you HAVE to do really well on both in order to get an A in the class.

Received an e mail from an on line friend today before I left work. That made me smile and helped me be less nervous.

Drinking my Sonic Route 44 Lemon Berry slush. LOVE to drink lemon berry sluch on HOT days. Not really hot today but them people used needles on me. I deserve this slush. I will get back on track tomorrow.

Have a wonderful week.


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