Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Country Fever was awesome!

I saw Joe Nichols and Brooks and Dunn perform. They sound so good in person. Both (or all three) put on an awesome show.

I also got the pleasure of meeting the EMT guys. As soon as I got in the golf cart something stung me. I did not see what it was but saw a flash of brown fly off.

I am allergic to everything it seems including bees and wasps. Since I did not take my purse with me to the concert I did not have my Eppie pen. The EMT guy did not have any on his "bus" and Life Flight was on a run. The sweet EMT guy made sure Life Flight brought some back. I told them I would be OK and if things changed we would call them. They were just so very nice and seemed very concerned for me. He must have checked my arm ten times before I left and he wanted to know where I would be so he would know when the call came in.

It was HOT when I arrived. The car showed it was 100. That does not include the heat index. I was once again assigned to the VIP tent so it was a lot cooler since there were several HUGE box fans running.

I left before Brooks and Dunn were finished as I did not want to get stuck in the traffic and I was tired.

I took the tips we made at the soda booth and turned them into the Craig County Cancer. For some reason the beer booth received about three times the tips we did. Wonder why? lol

Meetings first thing in the morning so I must call it a night.

Hope you all have a wonderful tomorrow!


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