Monday, June 19, 2006

Been thinkin' of you lately

I don't know why you are on my mind. Maybe because yesterday was your birthday. Another birthday that you are not here with me. Another year checked off since you left.

As I was driving home tonight I came to the intersection where I had my first wreak. I stopped at the stop sign all those years ago. Mom was in the front passenger seat so I was driving so very carefully. I looked right did not see anything and then looked left. All I saw was YOU. You were walking across the street coming to my house for lunch. I was so excited to see you I forgot to look where I was going. I swear I never saw that other car.......I only had eyes for you. Yep, you caused my first wreak and you never let me forget it.

I see you all over town. When I talk to your dad I see your eyes. When he does that dorky laugh I hear your voice and your just kills me to see him, watch him laugh and interact with his family. He looks like an older version of you. I so wish I could see you in person just one more time. Guess I will just have to be happy with seeing you in my dreams.

I do not feel well today. That must be one of the reasons I am so weepy. Why do I always feel poorly on Mondays?

I know a secret about someone at work. I want to help this person but I would have to admit I know something they are trying VERY hard to keep a secret. My heart just breaks for them. I guess all I can do is send a little prayer up for them daily. I pray they find the peace they are seeking and I will keep my mouth shut and keep their secret.

I finished reading my chapter and sending in my homework. There will be a test in a couple of weeks. I am gonna have to start studying more to get ready for it.

Have a wonderful evening I wanna go dream.................


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