Tuesday, August 01, 2006

~C~ is for cat

Made this for Lindas birthday. She will put a picture of her cat in the circle.

Sweet Amanda Jane gave me a stack of chip board today. I was soooo happy she shared with me. Now to use it up :o)

Oklahoma is full of hot air again today. It was 102!! It is gonna get hotter before it gets cooler. Thank goodness we have air conditioning. I just might faint when I get my electric bill.

Weather guy said we are in an EXTREME drought and a HEAT WARNING. I water the shade garden with a soaker hose as so not to waste. This also helps some of the thirteen trees in our back yard. I need to figure out how to water the two in the front without running the hose across the side walk.

I did the above project for the "lo a day" on 2peas. I will make a tag album for Jennifer to post tomorrow as that is her last day at work. I certainly hope I can post one item most every day in August.

Have a great evening must get to scrappin'!


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